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Whether it's heating, cooling, or the improving the air quality of your home or business, rest assured that Banner Heating and Air Conditioning has the right product for you. With quality products and packages from Trane, Banner Heating and Air Conditioning will meet your needs and provide you with the best heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality solution.
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  • Trane XV95 Gas Furnace or Variable Speed Air Handler
  • Trane XL20i 2-Compressor Heat Pump or Air Conditioner System
  • Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner
  • Trane Touch-Screen Thermostat

Trane's Reputation for Reliability:

"We stake our reputation on the fact that our products work when they need to, year in and year out."


Furnaces Air Conditioners Heat Pumps Air Filters Comfort Link Thermostats
  • XC Series

  • XV 2-Stage

  • XL 2-Stage

  • XT Single Stage

  • XR Single Stage

  • XB Single Stage

  • Oil Furnaces

  • XL Series

  • XR Series

  • XB Series


  • XL Series

  • XR Series

  • XB Series


  • CleanEffects

  • FreshEffects


What if your entire home comfort system could communicate to each other and make adjustments based on your personal settings?

IT CAN!  Find out more about our Comfort Link system

Programmable Thermostats allow you to control your home comfort with a touch of a finger



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